The last few weeks have been busy, but busy in my usual way. I have been to Mount Gambier for work, Port Lincoln for work, gone to see my Grandparents, stayed down south with some friends and I have a friend staying with me for a little while.

A few weeks ago a girlfriend of mine made an Instagram? (I want to say Instagram) Post about how she has found that after work she has just been sitting in front of the TV and not using her brain at all. She went back and started listening to some positivity books in an audio-book format. Now I tend to find that I sit and read in front of the TV, but I am finding that I am doing the same thing. I’m reading something light and not paying much attention to anything. So I have made a few changes:

I readily admit that I hadn’t done a whole lot of Audio books since I roped my Dad into listening to Harry Potter when I was about ten, but in the last few months, this has changed. This time on my trip to Mount Gambier, Warrnambool and Port Lincoln I invested in some Audible books and popped them on. I didn’t doze off or zone out. I have found that if I listen to books written by someone I am familiar with I tend to go better. I started out with a few Jack Reacher books, as I always like reading them, but it didn’t go so well. Following this, I figured out that I tend to enjoy non-fiction books or biographies, which isn’t normally something I always LOVE reading. So far in the last month or two I have listened, or am listening to:

Martin and Emilio

Along the Way. The journey of a FATHER and SON by Martin Sheen and Emilio Estevez, which was written alongside a movie that the two of them made together. I then went back and watched the movie once I had finished it.
Lauren Graham

Talking as Fast as I Can: From Gilmore Girls to Gilmore Girls (and everything in between)and everything in between) by Lauren Graham,



White House

Who thought this was a good idea?: And other questions you should have answers to when you work in the White House by Alyssa Mastromonaco

Hard Choices


I have just started listening to Hard Choices by Hillary Clinton. I like when I hear the auto-biographies read by the actual people that have written the book.


Scrappy little Nobody

I am also periodically listening to Scrappy Little Nobody by Anna Kendrick, when I feel like listening to something lighter.




I‘ve found that for me I subscribe to Audible Australia, which works for me. I use this as a subscription service, so I pay $14.95 AUD per month, and every month they give me credit and I get a free book. I can buy additional books if I choose. However, I tend to go for bang for my buck. Hard Choices by Hillary Clinton is the unabridged version and would be $60 if I didn’t use my credit. I tend to find that I have come out in front. If the book I want is cheaper than the $14.95, I’ll either buy it on my Kindle, rent it via Kindle Unlimited, or just buy it outright on Audible.

I’ve also attached my favourite shots from Mount Gambier, Warrnambool and Port Lincoln below. They are places that I have already blogged about, and photo’s that are pretty similar from the last time I was there, but I thought I’d keep you posted.

BeFunky Collage



Much Love,