Winter weather
Looking out the window at work at the moment is pretty grim. While I have a great view, we are in the Southern hemisphere, and so winter is here. This year I have attempted to keep my clothing choices pretty monochrome. I am buying black, grey and earthy colour tones to ensure that I can mix and match well. Plus whilst I hate winter, I do love winter fashion.

My purchases so far this winter have been:

Seed Heritage Classic Check Scarf:
seed scarf
It’s HUGE! And SO versatile, I currently have it wrapped around my knees as a blanket. I tend to buy one new scarf per winter. I make sure that they are enormous and blanket-like, and for the last few years, they have all come from Seed. Plus my last year’s one is still going. I will admit I am considering buying a second one this year when I am in the States for the second winter. (Tell me this just as amazing as second breakfast!) Currently $49.00 AUD but I got mine for $29 when they had a sale.


Nine West Haldene boots:

I ahaldane-wheatsuede-1dmittedly got these in black, but I believe they are now only available from Harbourtown and Nine West’s second stores. I love that my feet are toasty, and I LOVE a stacked Cuban heel. They look great with a pair of jeans, and I can slip ‘em on and off. Wheat colour Haldene boot image below: $129 AUD. I keep saying one day I will buy a pair of Lucchese’s, but I need to win lotto first.

Jo Mercer Opio Boots:
Opio bootsIn case you missed the memo, I love boots. I only discovered them a few years back, and now I live in them during winter. What’s not to love about fashion letting me wear woollen socks and look great while I am at it? My last pair of boots died at the start of winter, and I was DEVASTATED. I have had them about four years, only paid about a hundred bucks for them and they were not repairable. The heel came off, the zip was dead, and my foot had pretty well come through the front. I finally bit the bullet when Jo Mercer was having a 30% off sale. (I wouldn’t have been able to justify these otherwise). I really struggle for find taller boots as my calves are huge, and these stretch really nicely. One day I might buy a brown pair, but I have to wait for that next sale. Maybe when winter is nearly over, I’ll pre-buy some for next winter. They are currently $349 AUD

Bauer Hoody:

corehoodyI also bought a new hoodie (or two) this year. A few months back I signed Corporal Awesome up to play Ice Hockey. I love watching the sport, and he loves Ice Skating, so I figured why the hell not. Unfortunately for me, this has meant that I have been sitting in the cold at the Ice Arena over the last few months while he practices. Some of these tips have been better planned than others, so the last time we were there, we both got hoodies. They are incredibly warm, fluffy and I have been living in these throughout winter.

CA HoodyThe Zipped Hoody was $79 AUD, and my black pullover hoody was $69 AUD. And yes, I will wear the bloke’s hoody, no shame. In fact, I much prefer them!


Review Barcelona Dress:
Barcelona dressI have had some formal events this year. And I know I have a few coming up. I splashed out earlier in the year when it was a bit warmer and bought a new dress from Review. Review is an Australian clothing brand that I adore, however, like most other things wait until there is a sale to buy. They are available in Myer, so I typically try to buy from there, just to maximise my Myer One points, any vouchers I have available as well as whatever sale they have happening. It is currently for sale at full price for $299 AUD, but I paid maybe half that as I waited till it was worth my while.

Otherwise, I am pairing all these items with my old jumpers, cardi’s, singlets and shirts that I bought from Sportsgirl last year. Long term my plan is to continue to buy three or four items during summer and winter to upgrade my wardrobe, but keep it pretty stable in the meantime and only replace items when they ultimately die. For example, I know I need to replace my sandals come summer, the heel finally came off a month or so ago, and as they were only $20 AUD, to begin with, and I got 2.5 years out of them I feel like I did okay. I also know I spent more on boots this year, but I won’t need to next year, so that’s okay with me.
I will admit there are times that I succeed with this overall clothing goal better than others, but overall it works out okay for me.
How do ya’ll manage your wardrobe?
Much Love,