I was going to post last Friday, but I was struggling to post on the blog this last week. Nothing exciting has happened in my life. I’m reading a book about a young gay couple that escapes from the FLDS Church which is keeping me interested, but it’s not a biography or anything that I would normally post on. Rather it’s just something to keep me occupied. Corporal Awesome is home for another few days which is nice, but we have both been sick (in alternating weeks), so it has been pretty quiet at my house the last few weeks.

Jamie’s Italian (Adelaide).
Let me pre-face this with the note that I have been wanting to head to Jamie’s for a few years now and just never made it. A year or so back when it came out that Jamie’s was in receivership (at least here in Australia) I was devastated. Once it came out that it wasn’t going to close, I promptly moved on with life and never actually made it there.



The building itself is beautiful; it’s the old Westpac building. But since we had a friend over from Port Lincoln, my girlfriend and I looked at each other and thought, right let’s get on this!
Jamies Meats

I scoured the menu the week before, so I had a rough idea of what I wanted….Which for me is rare. Normally I’m a wing it kinda girl, let everyone else order, and I’ll change mine at the last minute to whatever sounds the best. I also knew that Corporal Awesome might be difficult to feed, but went with the handy, well there’s always a steak option. For Entrée we split bread board as well as the meat board and let me tell you this made me happy. I love bread and Prosciutto (I may have bought 500gms of it last week and just ate it as I went). Everything was excellent quality, and I feel that we made a wise choice. The fact that it was served on top of tomato cans was a bit off, but hey. Also, don’t open the tomato cans and eat them, they were out of date.
Truffle tagliatelle

With my main, I walked in knowing that I wanted a pasta of some sort but figured I would leave the actual decision till the night. We used to be able to buy Jamie Oliver brand pasta in Woolworths, and it was phenomenal, but I stopped being able to get it a year or so back, which devastated me. Because of this, I was tossing up between a Tagliatelle Bolognese, and the Truffle Tagliatelle. Can you tell I love Tagliatelle? I wound up landing on the Truffle Tagliatelle, and it was… okay. Very home cooked style which was nice, but I wasn’t blown away. Corporal Awesome got the trusty steak, after several issues with dairy products on his preferred choice of a burger, and he was underwhelmed as well. The steak was overdone (plus I am 99% sure it was NOT the Rib-Eye he had ordered) and when it came out the salad had cheese all over it. They immediately took it away and replaced the whole thing, but never actually came back with a replacement salad. It was just the chips and the steak on the plate which was odd.

Jamies Bathroom

There were a number of items on the menu that weren’t available, so Corporal Awesome and I skipped dessert, but from the advice of our friends, they found them underwhelming also. It seemed to be the common theme of the night. The only thing that made me excited was the interior; The building was stunning. The toilets are in the basement, where the old safe’s/strong rooms were, and it is worth a visit. My advice? Pop in for a drink and snacks and skip the meal.

Have any of you had better experiences?

Much love,