I was going to post about how my last weekend was lovely; the sun was out, we had a glorious 22-degree day in the middle of winter. Instead, I had something amazing happen. I woke up at 6.37 on Saturday morning and found out that I was selected for an ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) of Fallen Heir by Erin Watt, in exchange for a review. Now, for anyone that knows me, there’s not normally a snowballs chance in ANYTHING that I am voluntarily up at 6.37am, but hey. My Kindle had the book on it, and I was awake. I want to make a note here and let ya’ll know that it will be an honest review, I’m still going to be buying a copy on its release, the 28th August, so the Authors get my royalties.

**Warning: there may be spoilers ahead**

This is a bCoverook that I have been particularly excited for. Erin Watt is the same team that brought us Paper Princess, the story of the sparky Ella and Reed Royal. (Aka Jen Frederick and Elle Kennedy. Fallen Heir gives us glimpses of the characters that we know and love so well, from the previous books in the series, however despite this it’s purely Easton Royal’s story. And I have a massive soft spot for Easton. Maybe it’s because he is named after a Hockey brand. (Well, I don’t know this, but I love hockey, so that’s where I think it came from). Maybe it’s because he has issues and I love me a bad boy. But also could be that he’s just so lovable. He loves deeply and has great intentions, but he’s not a perfect hero. He says stupid stuff, he hurts people, and that’s okay. (well not for them, but you know). But you know he means well. I don’t know how this would work in real life, but it’s not real life (at least not anything resembling my real life), yet Easton strikes me as the most real Royal in the series.

Fallen Heir picks up where Twisted Palace leaves off. Like the previous books in the series, it’s set in Astor Park Prep School. The school and its attendees still remind me of the 90’s movie Cruel Intentions. But like Cruel Intentions, it gripping, and like the film, I get a sense of dread when I start the book, and it doesn’t go away. Reed has graduated and gone to College (Uni for us Aussies), but the rest of the crew is still around. Ella is there, the twins and Lauren are around. Gideon makes an appearance. Regarding new characters, there’s a new Quarterback Bran, who makes me smile from the start and Easton’s love interest, Hartley Wright. Throughout my read, I can’t quite put my finger on what is happening with her. I like her. She’s got guts; she’s the only person to tell Easton no, which I like. In this way she reminds me of Ella, she just has that spark. But something is happening with her, and I think it’s going to get deeper than I suspected from the start.

I will interrupt my synopsis with the note that I love that the author can get me to view the characters from Easton’s perspective. Often I find myself reading books, and my bias comes into it. For example in this book, I frequently find myself annoyed by Ella. She’s not doing anything differently from the previous books, but because he’s annoyed, so am I. It’s done very well. The authors change our perspective on various characters as readers throughout the book. I have concluded that I do feel as if I am watching these characters through Easton eyes which isn’t something that I find many authors can do, at least not for me, so I find this pretty damn impressive.

The first half of the novel does read like a teen romance, as in he wants her, she says no, and the ensuing story. And from where he starts the book, let me tell you he has a lot of ground to cover. She pretty firmly makes her mind up about Easton in the first five minutes when she walks in on Easton and his ultimate teacher fantasy. I like it. I will say that you need to read the others in the series, I don’t think this is one you can pick up half way through and roll with it. And like the other books in this series, Fallen Heir ends in a MONSTER cliff hanger. I don’t typically rate books, but this was a solid 4.5 stars. Perfect for my younger sisters, who love One Tree Hill etc., and anyone else who grew up with this genre. I also want to make a note that I love the covers that came with this series, and am really happy that the authors decided to continue with the theme.

The next book will be out in early 2018, and I can’t wait to get my hot little hands on it. Now to work out how to get over my book-hangover.

Much Love,