**Disclaimer** I have taken some of the shot’s from Kermonds FB page, as I didn’t want to get photos of random customers etc. I thought it was a bit rude.
This weekend just gone I went back to Warrnambool, Victoria to visit my Grandparents. A highlight of this visit, aside from seeing everyone was heading out to Kermonds.

Kermond’s was established in 1949 and has remained the same pretty well since then. I think that some of the furnishings may have changed, as the artwork looks particularly 90’s to me, and my Dad commented that a tv had been moved, but the bones of the place are still the same since it opened. My Pa has lived in the area since he was born, so tends to know everyone, or at least everyone’s family. He gave me a run down of the Kermond Family (Apparently they don’t own it anymore, and they used to race horses that always came last, for anyone that is interested). Back when it first opened, he also told us that it was perfectly positioned for the market, there used to be a factory next door, and the workers could come in at lunch and have their burgers. My Pa reckons that it looks the same since he was a boy, and Mummy reckons it hasn’t changed since Pa used to take her into Warrnambool as a child. When I first took Corporal Awesome there, he looked at me like I was insane and trying to kill him. He may have even taken a minute to do our McDonalds signal. He was wrong.

BeFunky Collage

Kermond’s is good. It’s so good that people travel down from Melbourne. I might not drive over from Adelaide for them specifically, but you put it as an option, and a girl may just detour. My pa gets the same thing he ordered since he was a boy a burger and a strawberry milkshake. There was a time when he used to eat two burgers, and if you I don’t know him better you would assume it just sounds like a good story. They are filling. My Dad also normally ends up with a burger and a milkshake, but his is Mars Bar flavoured. Me? I channel the 50’s and go for a burger and a glass bottled Coke.


Now the menu hasn’t changed since day dot. I always order a plain burger (that comes with a meat patty, onion and tomato sauce). You can then add on from there. I added bacon, egg, cheese and pineapple. If I wanted to go true-blue Aussie, I would have added Beetroot, but honestly, I struggled to fit it all in my mouth anyway. And yes, I am the sort of person that has pineapple on a pizza. Stop judging. Afterwards, you pretty well have to roll home, but it’s always AMAZING.


World Wide Fame: Kermond’s has been listed in the top 50 burgers in the world: https://matadornetwork.com/nights/international-cow-50-of-the-most-amazing-burger-joints-in-the-world/ and I can only agree, they are very damn good. They also have a bit of a cult following around the world, or at least their **Kermond Man** Mascot does. (I don’t know its name). People keep putting up advertising various places around the world. I follow their Facebook and have seen some from Ireland and Germany. I’m contemplating taking a flyer with me to the US, to put up somewhere because it’s remarkable and I love it.

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Are there any burger places that you can recommend?

Much Love,